Quality Statement

We believe that delivering only the best quality products to our worldwide customers is the key to our sucess. With attention to detail, meticulous quality checks and understanding our customer requirements, it is without a doubt that you can count on us when it comes to quality.

How We Achieve The Best In Quality

Castalia International Pte Ltd is a plastic distribution company in Singapore that committed to performance-related plastic products. Strict and constant quality checking cycles are performed since the beginning of the raw material receiving, the production process, the packing, the delivery and the distribution.

Castalia International takes serious care of the quality control of any of its products, by means of advanced and specific testing instruments. We guaranteed that 100% of our products we deliver meet or exceed our written specifications thanks to our mature quality testing systems. Our products are checked by experienced operators who maintain standard quality measurements and parameters, combining with strict laboratory checks. We prioritize our commitment to satisfy our customers. In our nearly 25 years in the industries, all our manufacturers pride ourselves in going and above and beyond to meet our customers satisfaction.

Our manufacturers pay great attention to quality control management by continuously investing in the development of testing instrumentation and personnel training: as a result, we have minimized complaints about our product quality to date. Our manufacturers have developed reliable test procedures for our quality assurance and high end instrumentation specifically designed for each product types testing. Our inspectors and related departments have created testing systems based on the SOP and other formal standards. Our systems include reviewing and evaluating results to find problems, so we can improve our production line.

Our commitment to quality begins with people who work in the company and continues through to all products. We all believe that our product quality determines the level of customers trust toward our brand and companies. Thus we highly encourage our staffs to always improve the quality of our products, so we can create positive response from customers and increase level of trusts toward our companies.

‘’We will always strive to work for our customer satisfaction”.

Our Quality Process Towards Customer Satisfaction

Quality products and on time delivery are the things that made us different. With hairline precision production and exceptional discipline in time management, Castalia International Pty Ltd Singapore is aiming to be on top in the plastic business in Singapore.

Our strong emphasis on quality is supported by the best manufacturing practice in our network of plastic industry corporation in Indonesia that is centrally coordinated and implemented at each plant to ensure superior quality. The best manufacturing practice is continuously pushed up to lift the quality level further. All of our network manufacturing plants are ISO 9000 certified and following the intense and strict interntional safety standard regulation.

There are no shortcuts at the quality control division. We continually assess for precision without tolerance on everything so you don’t have to.